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the  award-winning 

children's   books  

for  kids  with  

hearing  loss

school libraries will never be the same
Have you been searching for a character your child can relate to?
Sophie's Tales is a kid-friendly journey through the cochlear implant process, a resource for families and professionals, and an age-appropriate start to building essential self-advocacy skills. 

Happiness Delivered.

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This Will Get Your Tail Wagging

Prepare children for upcoming cochlear implant surgery.

Develop early self-advocacy skills by learning from characters' examples.

Increase inclusion in mainstream classrooms through disability awareness.

Reach language & vocabulary targets through literature designed just for them.

Share your child's hearing loss story in the classroom by relating to Sophie's story.

Provide families & professionals with essential tools for children with hearing loss 

at home, at school, at the audiologist, or anywhere inclusion is welcome.

Sophie the Maltipoo
Kid and Sophie with Cochlear Implant
Sophie's Tales Learning to Listen
Kaylie's cochlear implant surgery
Sophie's Tales book reading in class
Daniel reading with Sophie
Sophie's Bestselling Package
Azlynn CI Surgery with Sophie
Dylan with Sophie's Tales

Have You Heard?

"Thank you so very much for reading Sophie's Tales to the Clarke preschool and CORA Early Years children [via Skype]! Better Speech and Hearing Month will never be the same at Clarke Schools Philadelphia!!  


I had  the opportunity to listen to your amazing presentation with the preschool children remotely on the large TV screen. I was amazed at how the children responded and interacted with you as if you were right in the room with them. When you asked who had cochlear implants, I thought two of the little girls were going to  jump through the screen waving their hands and saying "I do, I have cochlear implants!" They were so proud of their technology.


Many thanks and please come to visit us if you are in Philadelphia!!!"

— Judy Sexton,

Director of Clarke Philadelphia


Sophie's Hearing

Journey Starts Here

And your child's does, too.

Join Sophie as she is diagnosed, meets her audiologist, is fit with hearing aids, undergoes cochlear implant surgery, and practices auditory training.

Be the Champion of your Hearing Loss

When Sophie meets Champ, a Labradoodle with glasses, the two learn important lessons about differences, sportsmanship, friendship, and what it really means to be a winner. 


Support, engagement, and literacy for all.

Prices start at $39.99 and always include a plush Sophie pal,

so every child can have a cuddly friend with hearing devices

just like them.


GET Supportive

The only thing better

than receiving a package with Sophie's Tales

is giving one. 

Can't get enough of Sophie?
Check out her magazine
Hearing Our Way the magazine for kids and teens with hearing loss
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