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Who  We  Are

We are a children's publishing company specializing in publications for children with hearing loss.

Our products engage, connect, and inspire young people through relatable content, role models, and strategies focused on listening, language, and self-advocacy skills. 

Our Team

Melanie Paticoff


In 2010, Mel wrote Sophie's Tales: Learning to Listen while still an undergraduate student studying deaf education. She saw a need for children's literature featuring characters with hearing loss and was especially inspired by her cousin, Julie, who has cochlear implants and never had a book like this when she was a kid. In 2012, Sophie's Tales: Overcoming Obstacles was written to expand the line and introduced a new character, Champ, who wears glasses. Today, Mel continues her commitment to supporting inclusion, literacy, and self-advocacy for children with hearing loss with Sophie's Tales along with her magazine, Hearing Our Way, for older kids and teens.


Sophie is a Maltipoo (that's a Maltese + Poodle) who loves raising awareness about hearing loss! She was born in 2008, and since then, she has inspired her owner Mel to write two books about her, start a magazine called Hearing Our Way, and has visited lots of schools to read Sophie's Tales! She is a trained therapy dog, so she is allowed to visit schools, hospitals, libraries, and more. Sophie's favorite thing to do is meet kids at her book readings, and kids love that after they meet the real Sophie, they can have their own stuffed animal Sophie dog (with cochlear implants!) to cuddle with for years to come!

"My first graders in Virginia loved having a Sophie's Tales book reading via FaceTime! The students got great advice for being a young author, and loved seeing Sophie, too!" 

- Ms. Lorintz, Alexandria, VA

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