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Are you looking for a book that has it all: excitement, friendship, sportsmanship, and characters with differences? Well, you've come to the right place! 


Sophie, the dog with the cochlear implant, meets Champ, a Labradoodle with glasses, at the agility course. Who will be the day's big winner? Children will enjoy reading this endearing story of overcoming adversity again and again, especially with Sophie the plush dog with bilateral cochlear implants by their side for soft cuddles while reading!


Overcoming Obstacles is a wonderful addition to classrooms and home libraries. It is recommended for reading at ages 4-7 with a parent or teacher or independently ages 8-10. A great tool for the classroom, including disability, diversity, and inclusion awareness days. Every child, with or without hearing loss, can relate to Sophie and Champ's story!


Sophie's Overcoming Obstacles Set

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